Baking Tip: “How To Make A Parchment Sling”

People always ask me how I get perfect looking cuts on brownies or anything where you have to cut the cookie or baked good that you made in a pan. The secret is the “sling”. You can sling almost anything that goes into a square, or oblong pan. This goes for brownies, fudge, banana bread, key lime bars, marshmallows etc. Sometimes I do a single sling; like the picture above, or a double sling if the contents are very sticky. If in doubt; double sling; which means to have a sling going both directions. Keep the sling long enough so that the overhang has about at least 2 inches so you have ample area for grabbing when it comes time to lift it out of the pan. If the item you are bakng is very heavy; such a a heavy brownie batter, you can also sling with heavy weight tinfoil or double tinfoil. You may have to spray the parchment paper or tinfoil; it will depend on the recipe. Basically if the recipe calls for you to spray the pan, then that means you better spray the paper/tinfoil. If it is something where there is a lot of butter in the crust, for example, a shortbread recipe; then you can get away without spraying your sling. Just follow the recipe guideline.

I’m sling addicted.

[well, I have this box that I bought 4 years ago from Smart and Final of about 1,000 sheets of paper so that might explain it a little 🙂 but don’t fear, it is very reasonably priced. Maybe share with a friend].

I rarely bake anything that calls for a square or oblong pan without putting in a sling first. The sling helps the whole mass come out in one piece where you can simply lift it out of the pan, peel away the paper, set it on your cutting board, and cut your perfect little slices or bars. Perfect square brownies with no weird edges. 😉

I know…the whole sling thing sounds rather OCD, but it also helps in the dreaded cleanup and wear and tear on your pans.

I  buy parchment paper in bulk from Smart and Final and it comes in a large flat box. The sheets are the size of a whole sheet pan, so if you make the commitment to buy a box, you  have to keep it somewhere where the box can lay flat; which leaves me with my next disclaimer:

Keep the box out of the hands of your Mother in Law who will be way too tempted to move that sucker!

I’m just sayin’…. 🙂

I learned a long time ago that parchment paper is key to any good baking, so go get your sling on!

Happy Baking!


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  1. Auntie Em says:

    This is the BEST advice any new baker could hope for and anyone baking for years could benefit from trying! When I worked in a bakery forty years ago we didn’t do anything like this….. over the years I have baked breads, brownies, gingerbread, you-name-it and after someone told me they were using waxed paper to do a makeshift ‘sling’ for ease of removing their breads, I tried it. Lo and behold it worked great – – an no more falling apart breads! Of course, parchment paper is MUCH MORE suitable and I believe sturdier, as well as using heavy weight aluminum foil. You just get better results over all using a sling.

    1. swooz says:

      Hi Auntie Em- right?? I almost never bake now without lining a pan. It just saves the longevity of the pan. Thanks for the reply!

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