Cold Buster Juice Blend

I woke up this morning feeling like !@#%$ (crap) and decided I needed to hit my body with something extremely healthy (I know-imagine that) in an attempt to ward off whatever gremlin is trying to invade my body. There’s something going around at work and I’ve already been hit with it once about a month ago and it took me down real hard. This time around I decided IT IS WAR and I am not rolling over to any virus that thinks it can play dodge ball in my body.


Out came the Vitamix.

Out came the citrus

Out came the emergent C powder

Out came my take no prisoner attitude. (I had to reach way deep in the cupboard for that one).

Yeah, Take that you little gremlin!!

I quickly came up with this concoction and I like to call it my “Cold Remedy” (I’m thinking positive here and I am bound and determined to fight it!) Stay with me!!

I lined up my artillery and started assembling my plan of war:

Vitamix- √ check. Everybody file into the Vitamix..

1 ruby red grapefruit sectioned and squeezed √ (check)

2 Cara Cara oranges squeezed including as much pulp as possible √ (check)

1 Valencia orange squeezed including as much pulp as possible √ (check)

1 big carrot rinsed/scrubbed clean, cut into chunks √ (check)

1  inch piece of ginger (peeled) and sliced √ (check)

2 Tablespoons honey √ (check)

1 packet of Emergent-C powder (tangerine flavor) √ (check)

And finally 2 handfulls of ice into the blender of war √ (check)

Everybody in the blender? CHECK. LID ON. POWER ON. HUAH!











Whew, that was exhausting….

I’m happy to report I think it actually worked. I feel pretty darn good. Frisky even, Totally energized. Ready to take on the world! Oh- I chased that bad boy with 600 mg. of Motrin.

This maybe all in my head and I may look like the death again tomorrow but for right now, calling it good. Hope you try this mad drink the next time you need a little energy boost or you need to clean out the cobwebs a little.

Bottoms up! Might I add it was pretty tasty too.

To your health,


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