Coconut-Lime Ice Pops

Which type of coconut person are you? Are you a COCONUT LOVER or not? I know when it comes to coconut people seem to really love it or not…. Guess which one I am? Yep, COCONUT LOVER. I’m kookoo for coconut. My favorite popsicle or ice pop is coconut cream.

My Mom was a tupperware lady when I was growing up and we had beaucoup tupperware. Cupboards of the stuff. One of the things we had was a popsicle maker. My Mom used to make us homemade popsicles and fudgesicles when we were growing up. Now a days you have so many choices in the stores when it comes to buying popsicles and there are ones that are certainly more healthy than others that do not contain a lot of sugar. I like both types of popsicles; healthy and ones not so healthy…..The thing is; there is no reason to feel guilty about indulging in a good popsicle. Decide which type of flavor is your favorite and go from there.  The possibilities are endless.

Coconut-Lime Ice Pops

Coconut-Lime Ice Pops

(recipe adapted from Ice Pops by Shelly Kaldunski)

yield: makes 10-12 ice pops

1 Cup Heavy cream

3/4 Cup superfine sugar

1 can regular (not light) coconut milk

1/2 Cup sweetened shredded coconut

grated zest of  3 limes

1/2 Cup whole milk

In a chilled bowl combine the heavy cream and the sugar on high speed beat until thickened and reach soft peaks; about 90 seconds.

In a blender combine coconut milk and coconut until mostly smooth. Stir in the lime zest. Transfer to a 4 cup meauring cup with a pour spout. Stir in the whole milk. Gently whisk in the whipped cream.

Divide the mixture evenly in ice pop molds. If using wooden sticks; wait about 50 minutes before inserting sticks and continue to freeze until solid; about 4 hours.

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