Churnless Banana-Mango Frozen Yogurt

First of all, I want to thank all my readers for coming back each week to read my blog. Second, I want to inform my wonderful blog family that I   (We- The Husband, Son and thee) have moved. MOVED as in FAR AWAY from California. We moved to the “beautiful island” of  Formosa known as Taiwan.

Taiwan is my husband’s birthplace-just so you know I’m not totally crazy  baked moving to a foreign country (only half crazy baked).  I will continue to post my treats and you might notice a slight tropical or Asian flare sometimes with the choices I bring to my recipes, but American style treats will continue to be a large presence on my blog.

By request from my friends and family-I am also going to try to post more pictures (other than just food porn), so you can enjoy my discovery of Taipei/Taiwan along with me. I am having such a blast discovering all the amazing food and especially the fruit here in Taiwan. I cannot get enough of the fruit. To kick off my most recent fascination of mangos, I chose this recipe from Donna Hay.

Last week I bought some ripe mangos at the out-door market here in my neighborhood and they were so amazingly sweet I had to go back for more this week. Did I mention I love the fruit here?!  I keep telling my friends back in the States that the fruit here in Taiwan is so freaking amazing, and I have to admit I never had a mango that tasted so good until I moved here. The mangos here have a flesh that is soft and silky and not fibrous at all. The bananas in this recipe are there more for the creamy texture that they bring to the party rather than the taste, so restrain yourself from using bananas that are overripe as that is not what is required in this recipe.

banana mango frozen yogurt

cut mango

UbikesBiking around Taipei is easy and convenient thanks to the Ubike system. Notice how clean the streets and sidewalks are. No grafitti.

Bullish in the parkIsn’t he cute? spotted him in the park while walking back to the Taipei City Hall metro stop.

Banana-Mango Frozen Yogurt

recipe: Donna Hay

yield: 4-6 servings

1 Cup thick plain yogurt, cold

2 ripe (not overipe) bananas

3 ripe mangos

1. Cut the bananas and mangos and place in ziplock bags. Freeze until firm-about 3 hours.

2. Place the yogurt first in a Vitamix or blender. Top with the frozen fruit and process until smooth. You may serve at that point which will give you a more soft serve texture. To continue until firm, place the finished frozen yogurt in an air-tight freezer safe container and freeze until firm.

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