The “Painkiller” Cocktail

You’ve had one of those days haven’t you? Go ahead–take a sip of The Painkiller.

The Painkiller will make you forget  your day. Possibly the last 3 days matter of fact. I’ve been playing around with pineapple and coconut recipes the last week and happened to remember this cocktail and found it fitting to sip on while I’ve been recipe testing.

The Painkiller is the cocktail you want to reach for when life seems to have gotten you down. One sip and your mind wanders to a vacation spot with aquamarine blue waters, palm trees and warm soft breezes.

Your boss being a drip this week? take a sip…

The weather got you down? take a sip…

Is the laundry piling up even though you just did it? take a sip…

The Painkiller will make it all better. A least for a good half hour while you slip into a pineapple coconut dreamed filled serious coma nap on the couch….close your eyes and imagine that couch is a hammock swinging in the breeze~

p.s. If you have someone in your clan that does not partake in alcohol then omit the rum and add in some extra light coconut milk or coconut water with an optional splash of club soda.

The Painkiller 4

 Take a sip….you know you want it

The Painkiller Cocktail 2

The Painkiller 3

Painkiller 5

The Painkiller

4 oz. pineapple juice

1 1/2 oz. orange juice

1 oz. cream of coconut (also known as coconut cream)

2 oz. dark rum* (see note below)

*optional: 1 oz. light coconut milk

optional: garnish: fresh pineapple, orange slice, mint or sprinkle of nutmeg

*(I found I liked the cocktail with a splash of light coconut milk-which adds an extra creaminess)

1. In a cocktail filled with ice combine the juices and cream of coconut and shake vigorously. Fill a glass half way with crushed ice or small cubes and strain the juice mixture from the cocktail shaker into the glass. Pour in the rum and optional splash of coconut milk. Garnish as desired with pineapple, orange slice and/or cherry. Serve very cold.

Recipe update: I now make this with white rum instead (which now I prefer) and then add in a splash or (floater) of dark rum on top.

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