Christmas Morning Crock-Pot Hot Chocolate

Candycane Marshmallow


Forget all those single serve tear open packets of hot cocoa on Christmas morning. You know you have enough to do. Your house is crazy enough and you may even have company staying over. Open the crock pot and dump in the ingredients and turn it on low and stir it a few times and by the time your brood gets up your cocoa will be warm. Set up a self serve bar of mugs and different garnishes for your guests or family and let them serve themselves. Merry Christmas.


Crock Pot Hot Chocolate for Christmas Morning

yield: serves 6-8

6 Cups whole milk

1  1/2   Cups heavy cream

1 ( 14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk

pinch of salt

1  1/2 tsp. vanilla

2 Cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

Garnish: mini candy canes, mini marshmallows, regular marshmallows, or whipped cream


Into a Crock pot, pour the milk, cream, and  sweetened condensed milk. Add the salt, vanilla and chocolate chips and stir. Turn the crock pot on low and heat for 2 hours, stirring cocoa mixture occasionally. Serve cocoa warm with optional garnishes.

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