Lazy days…and Happy New Year.

I’ve been absent fora bit, due to my computer died several weeks ago, and with several projects going on in the house, a bit of a bathroom renovation (I got a new walk in whirlpool tub- as I am physically disabled) and it was an insurance battle to get that done. (Thank you Jesus). My son recently coming home from the Army, along with the usual Holiday madness, we’ve been quite busy in the house. I’m just now getting a new computer, and I’m revamping some things on my blog, so due to the Holidays and all, I’m reposting a few of my several favorite recipes. You’ll notice some oldies but goodies reappearing to the top of the blog page. I’m still trying to navigate the rearranging of things. I changed the theme on my blog, so things are still in a bit of transition. I hope everyone had a great Holiday. Although lazy on the blog, I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm. I’ve meant to post my sourdough starter for over a few years now, and decided it was time to post it soon. It will be coming soon, as I think this is a good time for it to make an appearance, so look for that to happen hopefully this week.

Blessings, Peace, and Love for 2023. And of course, Happy Baking…

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